Matthew finally got the RXV8 to work at Round 2 of the British Drift Championship in Scotland’s Driftland. He Qualified 4th, here’s one of his runs!

The Car with the combination of the semi slick Westlake Tyres was very quick around the track managing to take down much bigger horsepower cars. Matthew got all the way to the final where it went to a one more time battle but unfortunately lost out to Steve Wills in his Monster BMW M3 Turbo! Here’s a couple of his battles and a great vid from Omincoverage including his best battle against the amazing Connor Shanahan aged 13years old in his mental 650bhp 180sx!

dmfjerem video
dmfjerem video 2
annabel sofia video
OmnicoverageNI video

Watch Matthew and Martin Together at Driftland!